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In an era when physicians face increasing pressure to see more patients with shorter visits, our group remains steadfast to the principle of taking the time to understand the total patient and their needs.We are also committed to maintaining an active relationship with our patients to optimize health and wellness.

Towards this end, our group has created and continues to develop SWICFT HEALTH, a comprehensive health and wellness program specifically designed for the cardiovascular patient.This new program facilitates longevity and better management of wellness through education, lifestyle modification, and rigorous clinical management.

Personalized Cardiovascular Care

We strive to provide our members with more than just healthcare. We go above and beyond what the traditional cardiology practice offers. Our holistic, proactive approach to healthcare addresses your physical, mental and emotional well-being through one-on-one counseling and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Unlike traditional practices, we are not limited to services paid for by Medicare and health insurance companies so you receive the extra time and attention you deserve. Additionally, we provide you with convenient appointments and the benefits of our Personalized Integrative Health Assessment, Medical Centers of Excellence program and additional amenities.




Personalized Integrative Health Assessment

Each SWICFT HEALTH member will have the option as part of the program of an extended physical exam & wellness evaluation followed by specialized assessments in nutrition, diet, exercise & mindfulness as indicated. These will be one-on-one and scheduled during the month of your birthday (or half-birthday if you are a seasonal resident and out of town). Everyone will receive a wellness “report card” with annual goals that your progress will be evaluated against throughout the year. You will receive special follow-up by our team throughout the year depending on your personalized needs.


Click HERE to view the 2022 SWICFT HEALTH kickoff meeting. 

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